Welcome to Fix Any Mac

• Is your Mac running slow?

• Has running Software Update got you messed up?

• Are you having trouble syncing your iPhone or iPad with your Mac or iCloud?

• Has your hard drive crashed?

• Have you accidentally deleted files from your computer?

• Does your Mac need an upgraded hard drive or more RAM?

  1. Do you need to set up a network using Mac & PCs wired or wi-fi?

  2. Are you having printer setup issues?

I can help.

Technical support via visit, phone, email or iMessage is just a click or call away.

I am located in Englewood, Florida which is known as “a sleepy little drinking village with a fishing problem”. But, enough about that.

If you are located anywhere between Sarasota and Punta Gorda, I can give you technical support for your Mac or other Apple device at your home or office or remotely.

I will travel further if an emergency exists.                    Just call       941-681-0820                   

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