Tech Support Services

I can do everything Mac.

This includes working with any system from OS 6 thru OS X 10.11 x El Capitan

I have over 25 years experience working with Macs including:

• Music recording and production

  1. Desktop publishing

  2. Automation and control

  3. Video recording and Production

  4. Web Design

  5. Business applications

  6. Tech Support

  7. Systems analyst

I can migrate your data from a PC or another Mac to your new Mac

I can setup and troubleshoot networks whatever the environment

I can upgrade or troubleshoot your Mac and configure it perfectly for your needs

I can help you setup and implement a back up strategy for your valuable work

I can teach you how to use your applications in a fun, friendly way

I can convert files created with obsolete systems 7, 8 or 9

I can recover deleted files using the best software recovery tools available.

Phone        (941) 681-0820